Online Acting Club

What is it?

Theatre Gym Online Acting Club is a unique membership club where you can improve your acting skills through creating and performing in a group.

The club meets once a week to create together, perform and help each other with feedback and ideas.


It is for you if you are looking for a place to be creative, to make friends and to improve your acting skills and your confidence online and in real life.

You don’t need any acting experience to join the group.

How does it actually work?

We meet every Saturday at 10am (UK time) online,

for 2 hours of creating and performing together.

Session #1 - Guided by Tal Jakubowiczova

This is the only guided session of the month.

We will be choosing our focus for the month (individually and as a group).

Then we will work in pairs and small teams to start producing performance work with this focus.

Like every session after that, we will show what we’ve created.

Each team will get feedback and ideas on how to develop their work.

Sessions #2 - 4 - Independent group work

In the next few Saturdays, the group will meet independently.

The mentor (Tal) will send prompts and exercises that you can follow if you wish.

The teams will take time to develop their work in breakout rooms and then meet in the main room to share their progress and get more feedback and ideas. 

What else?

You will also have a WhatsApp group to make it easier for you to communicate and share your work in between the sessions.


Anything else?

Yes! At the end of every month, you will be able to choose one of your scenes and upload it to a special YouTube playlist (on our Theatre Gym channel) to be shared with the world.

You can then send it to whomever you want and achieve fame!

How much is it?

& other questions

Special launch price:

£28 a month.

(That is for all four sessions)

Payment is taken before the 1st of every month and the first session is on the second Saturday of that month.


No commitment.

Cancel anytime before payment is made.


When do we start?

The club will start on the 13th of February

and we re-start every month s you can start with us on the second Saturday of any month.

How big is the group?

The group is limited to 14 people.

(So hurry up!)

How to join?

The club is initially only open to people who are already involved with Theatre Gym in one way or another.

If you have attended a Play Session, a class or a course with us (either online or in-person) then you are very welcome to join.

Email or fill in the form below and we will send you a booking link.


To get to know us you can simply attend one of our Play Sessions or courses.


When you join you will be able to invite friends.

So another way to join is to have a friend already in the club and get an invite from them.


If you can’t make any of our other sessions and are still interested in the club, please email or fill in the form below and let us know. 

Join the club or ask a question

Have you attended Theatre Gym before?

Feel the need to express yourself?

Join the club!

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