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Play . Create . Perform . Build your acting skills

A weekly online acting class
No acting experience needed.

This session is on a break now

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Acting Online Teacher: Tal Jakubowiczova

Hi, I'm Tal. I'm the founder of Theatre Gym and have been teaching acting for adults for nearly 10 years now.

I started teaching online in March 2020 and gathered a massive pool of weird and wonderful things that you can do online with us in order to develop your acting skills and increase your confidence on screen and in real life. 

I'd love to meet you and work with you in our acting online Tuesdays.

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"What a blessing to have this opportunity to play with expert direction in an uplifting way from Tal.

Always a joy, funny, creative, inspirational, energising, and brings out the clown/free-spiritedness of everyone.


People who've never acted are always surprised and pleased at their ability to join in.


Thanks to our gifted director Tal for the generosity of this valuable opportunity."

Sally, online student

Practice your imagination.

Express your creativity.

Come out of your comfort zone (if you want)

Release your work and life stress.

Be a better performer.

Screenshot (1099).png
Screenshot (1099).png

You don’t need to have any acting experience to join the class.

You don’t need to be a native English Speaker.


Acting Online Together is a very supportive and very inclusive class.

We will help you become free and confident.

"I didn’t know that this is possible, that it can be so interactive. I’m amazed that I feel like I’m with you in person somehow."


"This platform is a place where I can embrace another side of life, almost like a fantasy. 

It’s lovely and it’s freeing. 

There’s such a beautiful shift in my energy when I come here."


"When I come to this class, I feel emotions that I don’t normally feel. I use myself in ways that I don’t normally use myself.

It’s really freeing to be here."


Screenshot (1099).png

"This is my second class now and I have really found that the classes already helped me with my confidence so much.

I feel an energy inside me every time I do this class and that my spirit is uplifted."


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This session is on a break now

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