Tuesdays 7pm-9pm*, UK time

This is our main online class.

No acting experience is needed to join the class.

*The class runs 7pm - 8.30pm

with 30min to watch students' work (until 9pm).

In this class, you will get to play and create with others,

build your acting skills and get to perform (usually with a partner) in front of a super supportive group.

Every week we will focus on a different aspect of acting.

Acting Online Teacher: Tal Jakubowiczova

Hi, I'm Tal. I'm the founder of Theatre Gym and have been teaching acting for adults for nearly 10 years now.

I started teaching online in March 2020 and gathered a massive pool of weird and wonderful things that you can do online with us in order to develop your acting skills and increase your confidence on screen and in real life. 

I'd love to meet you and working with you in our acting online Tuesdays.

"What a blessing to have this opportunity to play with expert direction in an uplifting way from Tal.

Always a joy, funny, creative, inspirational, energising, and brings out the clown/free-spiritedness of everyone.


People who've never acted are always surprised and pleased at their ability to join in.


Thanks to our gifted director Tal for the generosity of this valuable opportunity."

Sally, online student

Who is it for?

Acting Online Together is for you if you have no (or very little) acting experience.

If you have done some acting back at school/ college/ uni and loved it and want to do it again.

If you ever thought of becoming an actor but decided to choose a different path in life.

If you have a “normal job” and need some stress releasing session during the week.

If you are looking for a space to be more creative.

If you are brave (or want to be) and find excitement in coming out of your comfort zone.

If you have internet connection (you can be based anywhere in the world)

If you speak basic English (it really doesn’t need to be your first language)

If you are a positive and friendly person and want to meet other positive and friendly people :)

What will happen when you join?

The more you practice, the more confident you will become in your acting.

The idea is that you stop being scared of being put “on the spot”, and you can take that speaking gig, win that role, nail that speech and be more confident on any type of stage.

So, whether you’re doing it for public speaking, creative performance or just for your own personal life - practice weekly and you will see a big change in less than two months.


Our students talk a lot about having this space as their creative spot in the week.


They mention de-stressing from a week’s work (child-like play, remember?)


And also, they become friends. Some keep to themselves and prefer to practice acting and that’s that but others have established great, long friendships practicing with Theatre Gym. 

It’s nice to have friends that know “that silly side of yours” :)

What is it?

Acting Online Together is a very supportive and very inclusive class.

You won’t be judged by your experience or lack of it (I won’t even ask you about it).

You won’t be judged by how well you do the exercise (everyone else will probably be doing it with you, so they’ll be focused on themselves).

You won’t be put on the spot unless you want to and all your first performances will be with a partner (or partners)

I want to get you confident and free and so I do my best to provide the most supportive and safe environment as I possibly can as I believe… No, I know (!) that you grow a hundred times faster when you feel safe and can be free and that freedom will eventually seep into your everyday life and the confidence you will get in class will slowly become yours to have in life.

And that’s what you’re here for.


Saying that, you won’t just be an observer. Oh no!

You will get to practice your acting and even perform *every* week from week one.

It’s a practical class because acting isn’t a theory.

The only way you’ll get confident and free on stage is if you practice. A lot. 

You might be really nervous but we’ll be super nice and I know you will do it. 

Because you can!


Acting isn’t just a technical skill, it’s a lot about creativity and imagination.

You’ll get to work with others to create stories and characters.
You will make up new worlds to perform in.

And if that sounds like a child-like play-time it’s because it is!

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