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Voice Acting Foundation

Reveal the world of voice acting
4-week training online

Voice Acting is an exciting industry that keeps growing and there’s a lot of room for new talent.

Could your voice be a part of it?

Whether you want to try voice acting as a new, exciting and fun adventure or your friends have been telling you for years you have a great voice, this short course is the perfect way to dip your vocal cords into the world of voice acting.

In this 4-week course, you will be performing commercials, audiobooks, video games and more.

Working with an experienced voice coach, you’ll gain confidence in front of a microphone, explore your own unique voice and find out what it can do.

In this training, you will:

  • Explore different voice acting genres practicing with actual scripts

  • Get professional feedback in every lesson.

  • Have a lot of fun trying different characters, voices and emotions

  • Learn about the different types of Voice Acting and the opportunities in each.

  • Get your questions answered by a professional

  • Meet people who have the same interests and make friends

  • Become confident with a microphone

This training is for you if:


  • You are curious about voice acting but have no experience in it

  • People keep saying you have a great voice: “you should be on the radio!” and your friends keep telling you to do something with it.

  • You are an actor and want to explore voice acting in your career

  • You love playing, exploring new things, having fun and meeting great people :)

Your teacher: Adriana Davis

AD Headshot with hat corrected.png

Hi, I’m Adriana,

I’m an experienced voice actor/coach, and I’m also a filmmaker, producer, writer and editor (and won a few prizes for films I created).

I started voice acting in radio and since have voiced TV commercials, promotional spots, corporate videos, documentaries, instructional DVD series and more.

I’ve trained hundreds of voice actors from beginners to advanced, helping them become better communicators in their own professions as well as in the voice-over business.

I’d love to meet you and introduce you to the exciting world of voice acting as I help you take your very first steps to learn copy interpretation, emotional variety, conversational approaches and creating characters.

Thank you for putting your voice in my hands!

How it works:


The training is online and live (not pre-recorded).

There will be 4 live 2-hour sessions where you’ll get personal feedback from the teacher and get to practice in groups.

You will practice using scripts from different voice acting genres: Commercials, Audiobooks, Video Games, Animations and others.

The live sessions will be recorded and you will be sent the recordings after every session so you can re-watch and catch up on the sessions.

The recordings will be open for 7 days after the end of the course & shared with the training students only.

This course is for beginners

  • No acting or voice acting experience is needed

  • You don't need any special equipment

  • You don't need to be a native English speaker

VAF booking

What's included

4 Live Zoom Lessons

Video games




Lesson Recordings


Live lessons are uploaded to the course website so you can watch them later.

Personal Feedback


Get professional feedback on your work and guidance from voice actor Jennifer Bradley.

Students WhatsApp group


Join a student WhatsApp group where you can share your reads and get (and give) feedback and support.


Screenshot (1964).png


When you join this course, you'll also be added to our voice-acting community.

This means you'll get access to free workshops and Q&A events that we run for our community members only.

Welcome to the team!  :)


Only £158

(about $205)

2nd - 23rd March
7pm-9pm, UK time
2pm-4pm, EST
11am-1pm, PST

2 last spots

* To allow the teacher to provide you with close attention and personal feedback, we limit the group size. 

* Our courses usually sell out so make sure you save your spot now.

If you have any questions - please email

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