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Teaching with us

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in teaching with us.

Theatre Gym has started online classes with the announcement of lockdown in the UK.

This has been very successful and we now run two weekly classes and a free play session.

As we are looking to open even more classes we are also looking for new teachers and new ideas for classes to run.

Maybe you can help!

Here are some more details about this opportunity.

We are looking for teachers who can teach classes online for non-actors.

Our students are people who are interested in acting as a hobby or as a way to escape daily stress, to connect with people and do something fun and creative.

Classes can be straight forward acting classes 

or anything that is related to the world of acting and performance.

You can check our classes to get ideas. 

We are open to considering anything you have to offer

so please don't feel like it's too mainstream or it's too niche.

We are really happy to look at any relevant application

and particularly happy to get applications from non-white teachers.


Your job will be: Designing a one-off 2-hour class and delivering it online.

You will also be asked to send a description of the class and a short video to add to the website.

Many of our teachers deliver classes with us on a regular basis so if you and the students enjoy the class most chances are you will be invited to teach more classes.

To teach with us you will need:
- Relevant experience in the area you propose to teach

- Teaching experience

- an idea that we like :)

You will also need:

- a good enough internet connection to host a zoom meeting.
- a good enough camera and microphone (these can be just your computer’s built-in ones)

- You do not need a zoom account - you will work from our account.


- Payment is £24 an hour, so £48 for a class.

- You will be working as a freelance teacher and will be paid against an invoice.


If you are happy to be involved, then please:

Send me an email to theatregymuk@gmail.com

Attach relevant CV

Send us a short video (2-4min) of you telling us:
 - A bit about yourself and relevant experience (1-2min)
 - What class/es you are proposing to teach.

The title/ subject and what they involve. (1-2min)

Please make sure the whole video isn’t longer than 4min. It’s ok if it’s shorter.

To break the ice and to let you know me a little bit I recorded my own video for you
so you can watch it before you record yours.

Why are we asking for a video?

Since you will be delivering an online class, we would like to see you on camera-

to sense a bit of your energy and to see more than we can see in a CV.


It also makes the process much quicker so this will save time for you and for us.

If you get shortlisted we will have a real chat on Zoom and then go from there.

We will then also look at the quality of the sound/ video/ connection to see you can technically hold a good quality session.

We will do our best to let you know either way within 14 days of you sending us your video.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Feel free to forward it to people who might be interested. 


I’m looking forward to hearing from you :)

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