Your Creative Body

(what does that even mean?)


When people talk about confidence and creativity quite often we hear the phrase “Express yourself”, and I say: Stop that!

(I say it mostly to myself)

Stop saying it because it doesn’t mean anything,

and stop doing it because you’re probably overdoing it.

So take a break from expressing yourself,
and let your body try it for once.


Creative body?


Have you ever thought of your body as a creative being?

Not the tool of the creative being that is you (or: your mind)

but its own, independent, creative being.

Try it, it’s quite fun, and it will show you a creativity you might have never known.

It’s not the creativity that comes from you planning and choosing how to move,

but rather a creativity you are not involved in.

Not your creativity, your body’s creativity – very simple.


Have you ever gone on a journey

to discover this form of creative flow?


Have you ever tried to search these wells within you,

which are full of creativity treasures?


Would you like to have a go? ...


Because the truth is (according to moi) that creativity is separate from yourself, it can show without you intervening, and if you are a creative person you have most likely experienced it.

Maybe you even got to this conclusion ages ago.


What might be new to you is the fact that your body holds a major amount of this treasure.

Your body is a great keeper of creativity,

but there is a tricky part...

In order for this body-creativity to show itself, you need to physically work while your mind is taking a break.

But how to do that?

There are a few ways that I know of which can get your body working and your mind quite.

We practice quite a few of them in Theatre Gym classes and you are very welcome to join us there.

But here is one you can do completely on your own:

This is what you do:


Put some music on and move without trying to plan or control your body.

Don’t dance!

Whatever you call those moves you are making –

it doesn’t need to be or look pretty!

and since we usually confuse dance with beautiful movement it is very important to not look at it as dancing but as getting to know someone else’s creativity.

In this case this someone else is your own body.

It doesn’t matter.


It’s super important that it’s not super important.

If you take this whole thing too seriously it won’t work.

You need to play with this, or else your body will shut down and your mind will take over again.

and you know what? Whatever you come up with, whatever move, jump, pose, facial expression you make -

It really REALLY doesn’t matter.

Here’s to your creative life,

with lots of love,