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Step in to the world of clown!

Apart from slapstick and circus skills, the world of clown plays a vital role in the modern comedy circuit and can be seen in theatre, film and television.
Clowning teaches you key performance skills that any performer will find essential such as playfulness, sensitivity to your stage partners, great listening skills, rhythm and timing.
Find out what makes you funny, how to embrace your inner idiot and how to listen to your audience.

In this class, we will travel through some classic clown exercises, play games, make mistakes, be silly and make each other laugh.

Georgia Murphy

Georgia Murphy is a director, writer and theatre-maker specialising in clown and devised theatre. She has collaborated with Cal McCrystal (The Mighty Boosh), Marcello Magni (Complicite) and the UK’s leading clown company Spymonkey. She recently directed the semi-autobiographical character comedy "Ryan Lane Will be There Now in a Minute" which won the Soho Rising Star Award this year. She has worked with The Blue Elephant Youth Theatre, Morley College and has taught clown in numerous workshops across the UK. Her work is fun, silly, comical, imaginative, sometimes tragic, often personal, and always playful.

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