Introduction to Improvisation

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Improvised comedy is the art of spontaneity. It means going on stage without having the slightest clue what might happen up there… no script, no narrative, no characters… everything is made up on the spot.
Just you, your improv partners and your creativity…. Adrenalin anyone??

In this super fun and freeing workshop we’ll focus on letting go of our inhibitions (yes, those that we think are protecting us. A closer look might reveal otherwise...),
saying yes to everything (EVERYTHING),
trusting our instincts,
stretching our funny bone (everyone has one!)
and allowing ourselves to be led by our creativity WITHOUT JUDGING OURSELVES!

How freeing would it be to actually live our lives this way??
Everything we'll learn in the class can be implemented in real life!

We'll give a real boost to our creativity, upgrade our communication and listening skills and free ourselves from inner judgement.

No experience needed!

Michal Banai

Michal is an international actress and comedian, performing in theatre, film, TV and stand up comedy.
But her biggest passion has always been improvised comedy.
She has experience performing in short-form, long-form, playback, immersive, and satirical improv.
She also co-created and performed in the two-women improv show “Ribs on Fire”.
Michal sees improv as a way of life and is happy to spread the love wherever the improv love is needed!

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