Performing Poetry

7pm-9pm, UK time

Poetry was meant to be read and enjoyed aloud. Its tradition is one of passing down stories, ideas and images into the world through our voice and body.

This will be a fun workshop to rediscover poetry as a live art. We will play, analyse and perform poems to better understand and appreciate them in a fun and relaxed environment.

You don’t need to be a writer or have any performing experience.
Just the desire to have fun and play with words and performance.

If you do write and want to bring something of your own, we will be very happy to work with that too!

Amanda Vilanova

Hello! I’m Amanda.
I’m an actress, writer and tutor. I’ve trained as a performer in my home country, Puerto Rico, and the UK.
I absolutely love teaching and playing with texts to discover new things about literature and art. I am a lover of all things language and can’t wait for us to discover new meaning and joy in your favourite poetry.

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