Secrets of Filmsets

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We’re going to create mini films together, playing with the different roles of a film set.
We will create a mock film set in zoom and get into the different roles there.

You will be acting in one (or more) of our films but you will also get to be the director, writer, camera person or any other role behind or in front of the camera.

This is a super fun way to discover the secrets of a film set and learn about:
- Acting for camera
- Directing scenes
- Camera angles
- Continuity
- Frames and eyelines
- The film set dynamics and mindset
& mainly to discover how much fun a film set can be.

Great for anyone who wants to be on a film set or anyone who’s absolutely not planning to see one.
No acting or film experience is needed.

Renana Schuppan

Hi, I’m Renana.
I started in theatre as an extra on my mum’s comedy shows & have performed in Germany in dance and theatre shows since I was a child.
I then trained at International School of Screen Acting and have been focused on the film world since.
I am also an assistant casting director and assistant DOP (Director of Photography).
Being on small and large film sets, I learned a lot about the dynamics on the set and the pressure each role is under.
I’d love to explore that with you in a fun and playful way.

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