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Voice Acting Q&A

Online event, via Zoom
Sunday 2nd July
7pm UK time, 2pm EST

Get all your voice acting questions answered by voice actress Jennifer Bradley.

You can send your questions in advance, or ask during the chat. 

The session will be 60min but we will stay over if any questions are still unanswered.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Bradley (but call me Jen).

I've been working as a voiceover artist for many years and have done a wide variety of jobs.
I love everything voice acting, including teaching and answering questions :)
If you've taken one of my voice acting courses then you know that there are no stupid questions.

Every question will get an answer to the best of my knowledge.

Join me if you need some voice acting answers

VA booking corse

Book now  £15

* If you are a part of our voice acting community (this means you have taken a voice acting curse with us) you will have access to this event and don't need to book it.

If you're not sure how to access it please email me at and I will help you.

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