Be  in  a  PLAY

*No Experience Needed*

Next course

Start: 22nd Sep   Show: 2nd Dec

Taster class: Saturday 15th Sep
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-    Practice your creativity    -    Boost your confidence    -    Be in a play    -

​​Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who wants to be in a play.
To work on a creative project with a supportive group.
To experience performance in a safe environment.
To play and be playful
To have a fun and playful Saturdays for 11 weeks

You don’t need any acting experience!

What will you do?


In 10 weeks of rehearsals, you will:

Create scenes and characters,
Work with partners and on your own
and strengthen your energy on stage.

You will experience working as a part
of a bigger group and on a long play.
You will have a lot of input in the creation of the performance, and you will get all the guidance you need.

The process will be full of playing and having fun, as I believe that enjoying is the best way to learn and create theatre.

What will the performance look like?

We will perform in the theatre space of the
Nursery Theatre Training Centre,
using professional light and sound.
You will get to invite your own friendly and
supportive audience.

The performance will be filmed and you will
get a copy of the play to keep and show off :)

 Here's a tiny snippet from a previous course --->

How does it work?

The full course consists of 10 meetings:

2 open workshops, 8 rehearsals, 1 show

​Open workshops - anyone can sign up and attend.

You can also sign up for one of the open workshops.

In the workshops, we will get to know the play
and get to know the way we work with the play.

We will create and imagine scenes (written and new)

We will create and perform characters

We will think of different concepts and ideas and try those out.

You will acquire new skills, new ways to look at performance and probably some new friends, too :)

​Rehearsals -

The next 8 rehearsals are only for students who have booked the full course and are committed to the final show.

In those rehearsals, we will work on the final show based on what we've discovered in the workshops.

 The price for the full course includes the workshops

 The price for the workshops is separate and depends on how many workshops you book
 * Check all dates and prices at the bottom of this page

Your commitment

Please be aware that when you book this course you need to be committed with your time and energy.

You will need to work not only in official rehearsal times but also at home, on your own or with others.
So we can all have a brilliant performance together! 



What if I can't commit to all 11 weeks?

If you know in advance that you can't make specific date/s please talk to me.
It will probably be fine, I just need to know it in order to plan that rehearsal accordingly.

* You will need to be able to do the last rehearsal

   and the performance day (duh...)



I want to do it, but I'm not very confident...

I know this sounds pretty scary, but listen to the students who performed with us.

Do you want to feel the amazing feeling of conquering this fear, being on stage, working with a group of people who all support each other, and the freedom and confidence that follow such an achievement?


You don't need any experience,

I have all the experience you need in order to teach
and support you through this entire journey.



What if I'm still not sure?


If you can't decide, then you can join (one or both of) the first two sessions.
These will be open workshops in which we will get to know the group, the play and the way we work.


In these workshops, you will get to know the play,

the type of work, and yourself in this situation.

Even if you don't carry on, you'll have fun and learn a lot  :)



“acting was always something I wanted to do,

but was always too scared to!

Now I know I can do it!” 

—  Miguel, ("The Eight: Reindeer Monologues")



The entire course will take place at

The Nursery Theatre Training Centre

42 Weston St,

London SE1 3QD


Here it is on Goople maps



How much?


Full course £325

* Open workshops + rehearsals + show
+ a recording of the show

Early Bird - £295

Click here to book now
Installments are possible - please email me

Open workshops only

One workshop £40

Two workshop £60

  Full dates & times

Open workshops

22/9 - 10am-2pm

29/9 - 10am-2pm

Rehearsals for show

6/10 - 10am-4pm

13/10 - 10am-4pm

20/10 - 10am-4pm

27/10 - 10am-4pm

3/11 - 10am-4pm

10/11 - 10am-4pm

17/11 - 10am-4pm

24/11 - 10am-4pm

Show - Sunday 2/12

3pm - we meet

7.30pm - Show for audience

All Saturdays - apart from the show

All in the Nursery Training Centre

Do you have any questions?

Please email me

Love xx   Tal