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Voice Acting Community

How to learn accents

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Sandra Gayer

Thur 25th Jan

7pm - 8pm UK time

Do you like accents?

Want to master a new one?

Join a workshop with the accents expert to learn not a specific accent but the approach which will help you master any accent you want.


Editing for Voice Acting

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Zach Cantrell

60% discount on a

3-week course

18th Jan - 1st Feb

7pm-8.30pm UK time

A full course to teach you the skills you need to confidently edit your sound files to a professional level.

This is your studio freedom.

Get it for £48 instead of £120

Video Games performance

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Shaun Mendum

Wed 21st February

7pm - 8pm UK time

Perfroming in video games is so exciting.

From characters to motion capture, get a glimpse into this growing industry that has room for many new talents.

You might just be one of the.

Acting essentials


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Tal Jakubowiczova

Wed 31st January

7pm-8pm UK time

How much attention do you give the word Acting in voice-acting?

How helpful will it be to get some acting techniques?

Join this to learn how to approach scripts like actors.

This workshop could  improve everything you read.

Find your signature sound

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Adriana Davis

Sat 24th February

4pm - 5pm UK time

Knowing what your unique voice is like is helpful in applying for jobs and marketing yourself as a voice actor.

Learn how you can find this out for yourself.

Recording Studio Roleplay


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Sandra Gayer

Tue 13th February

7pm - 8pm UK time

Ever been in a professional recording studio?

Join this workshop to learn about the different people you'll meet there, your role in there and how it might feel.

and let's play pretend to make it all more real :) 

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