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Keep your voice healthy

Online workshop for voice actors

Are you working or planning to work as a voice actor?

You need to keep your voice working for you.


Join this workshop to discover:

  • What’s in your voice box.

  • How we hurt our voice (not all of this is “common sense”)

  • How to notice when something is wrong)

  • How to heal your voice when it gets hurt

Sandra Gayer_VisAble_RB_WEB_230.jpg

Your teacher: Sandra Gayer

Sandra Gayer is a trained opera singer as well as an experienced voice actor.

In this workshop, she will talk about the issues that can arise from working as a voice actor and how to avoid/ treat them so you can keep working for years.

An important workshop for anyone working with their voice!

This is also a taster to “The technical side of characters” 

A 3-week course that teaches you how to work with your voice to create a greater range of characters and have more control over maintaining different voices and keeping your voice working for you.


1 hour online workshop on Zoom

Wednesday, June 5th

7pm UK time, 2pm EST, 11am PST

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