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How to be funny (on stage)

Comedy acting workshop

2-hour workshop, with Carlotta Morelli
London, 22nd July 7pm - 9pm

Did you know that comedy has rules?

That is has structures and even templates? 

Did you know that when you follow these rules and structures, people laugh? (and they don’t notice the template)


Do you want to learn how to be funny?

We have this workshop for you

Join this workshop if you want to:


  • Be funny on stage

  • Be in control and predict audience responses

  • Become calmer and more confident on stage

  • Release some stress by playing and laughing

  • Make some new friends 

Your teacher: Carlotta Morelli 


Carlotta is an award-winning actress and acting coach, who’s been working in Film and TV for the past 10+ years. 

She has taught acting across several accredited drama schools, including Rose Bruford, ALRA, The University of Winchester, and more.

Her credits include Emmy-nominated series ‘Tracey Ullman’s Show’(HBO), Tim Key’s ‘Late Night Poetry Programme’(BBC), ‘The Undertaker’ (Apple TV), and more. 


In recent years, Carlotta has started writing and producing her own work, including ‘The VV Vlog’, an award-winning satirical comedy, and Heat Content Creator finalist at the 2021 Funny Women Awards."

In this fun two-hour workshop, you’ll get to be creative, learning and practising the rules of comedy with friends and in front of an audience (nothing fancy, just the rest of the group).


You’ll learn the basic rules of comedy and some structures and templates you can use whenever you need them


You’ll play, perform and laugh.

All in a really fun and non-judgmental atmosphere.

And who knows? You might even make a new friend :) 

You don’t need any acting experience.

You also don't need to be funny to join this workshop.

Book performer's voice

Book now £25

July 22nd, 7pm - 9pm

107 Leadenhall St,

London EC3A 4AF

If you have any questions - please email

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