Meet like-minded people.

Create something incredible.

All clubs meet on Zoom

Online Acting Club

Saturdays 10am, UK time

Meet weekly with a group to create online scenes together.

Perform with partners and rehearse scenes to be recorded or performed online.

Mentored by Theatre Maker

Tal Jakubowiczova

Solo Makers Club

Tuesdays 10am, UK time

Create your own solo work.

Let others be a part of your solo journey and be a part of theirs.

Meet the group to share and exchange feedback and ideas.

Mentored by Theatre Maker

Tal Jakubowiczova

Playwriting Club

Sundays 10am, UK time

Write, learn, share, get feedback, make mistakes, swap ideas, get inspired.

Develop your writing skills.

Learn the tricks of the trade.

Mentored by Playwright Rebecca Manning-Reid