Join our online club to write with us every week

& soon there'll be a play with your name on it. 

You belong in the club if you:

  • Ever dreamt of writing a play.

  • Never wrote a play and not sure how to start.

  • Find it hard to produce work without deadlines.

  • Struggle to work on your own.

  • Tried to write something in the past but got stuck.

  • Love reading and watching plays and secretly wish you could tell a story like this.

  • Get inspired and have ideas but not sure how to move them forward.

  • Start writing with enthusiasm but rarely finish.

You'll love the club because:

  • You'll have a place to share your work & get inspired by other people's works

  • Most creative people find it easier to create when they are a part of a creative group.

  • Having a professional playwright guiding you will save you lots of time (and suffering).
  • You'll have a group to ask and get support from

  • The accountability to the group will help you stick to your writing goals & see constant progress.

  • We meet online and so it's easy to join.

"It's 12.05   on Sunday.
What a really great morning with Rebecca and the gang.
I've not done much in the last two years and then thanks to you, in one morning I've started writing a play!!  
Soo 'appy"


Online Playwriting Club

In detail:

This is a weekly online club.

You will meet us every Sunday, on Zoom at 10am (UK time) to spend two hours improving our writing skills and creating new work.

At the same time, you'll also make friends, get inspired and have fun. 

Rebecca Manning Reid is a published playwright and will be your mentor in this group.

She will teach, give prompts, and provide individual feedback and email support.

This is a monthly membership and you can start at the beginning of every month (the next cycle will start on the 9th May) and create new work every month.

Book now to join the next cycle.

The first session of each month.

This session will be guided by Rebecca Manning Reid.

With the mentor's help, you will choose your individual goals for the month.

You'll get prompts and enough writing time to start new work (or carry on working on an existing piece if you prefer).


Like every session after that, you will get to share what you wrote and get supportive feedback from the mentor and the other students.

All the other sessions after that:

In the three following sessions, the group will meet without the mentor. 

Following a plan you will receive, you will have time to write, share and give each other feedback.

You are welcome to send your work to Rebecca after the session by email.

More stuff you get

  • WhatsApp group

This WhatsApp group will make it easier for you to communicate and share your work between the sessions.


  • Theatre Gym Magazine entrance

At the end of every month, you will be able to choose one of your scenes and send it to us.

Your chosen scene will be a part of Show-Off our Theater Gym online magazine which you can send around and show off.

  • Collaborations with our acting club

We also have an Online Acting Club for people who like acting and since we love to collaborate you will have a chance to get performers from the acting club reading or performing your work. 

Watching your words come to life is not only magical but also really helpful in developing your writing.

The performances are recorded and some are uploaded to our Theatre Gym YouTube channel.

Join now

To be able to provide individual attention from the mentor, there will be a limited number of people in the group.

The next starting point is 

Sunday, 9th May 10am-12pm (UK time)

and then the first Sunday of every month

No commitment

Cancel anytime before payment is made.

Try for one month.

Don't like it?

Cancel it.

No questions asked.

Want to write a play?

Express yourself. Be creative. Tell your story.

Join us and start writing

Membership: £35 a month

(That is for all four sessions)

Feel the need to express yourself?

Join the club!