120 minutes, too short!

Dear Notebook,

I need to make a confession!

Shhh.. Don’t tell anyone. But I secretly wish the acting class went on longer or that we could freeze time, stop the clock and let the 2 hours not move at all….while we continue our acting exercises.

And I know I speak for everyone when I say this, how perfect our scenes would be if we just had a little more time. <sly smiles>

So, while we all challenge ourselves or ponder on the need for more time, Tal chips in with simple conviction, ‘You will always want more time.’ ‘Every actor’ she says, ‘will always want that extra rehearsal’ (And somehow, while we may be hassled, Tal knows for certain that we are going to make it...the irony is that, she’s absolutely right!)

This is exactly what happened last month. I panicked. No really! We had a simple scene on the beach and I just couldn’t understand what my character wanted. We rehearsed and rehearsed a little more, but I wasn’t convinced still. What more could I possibly do? The solution could only be more time, of course.

But how naïve I was! I shouldn’t have worried knowing our teacher is someone as amazing as Tal. Just a few suggestions here and there, and the magic was created! Tal knew exactly what each scene needed to give it that edge and bring out the best in us. And when I say this I really mean, we are all getting better with each session, with each personal suggestion and comment. I think that’s what works in the acting club online, the way we all participate in becoming better performers and working towards it.

And so, with personalized suggestions for each group, we were off for our live performance on the final day.

The performances, you see, happen on the zoom recording and are later uploaded to YouTube. However, these are shot live with no edits, the element of theatre preserved; along with the element of nervousness!

Perhaps that’s the beauty of it all, because when we went in to perform our final pieces on the final day, it was magic!

Each scene in the session was simply brilliant. I know it almost sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet (wait, I am actually blowing my own trumpet!) but it’s still a great string of short-scenes that you absolutely must watch. I urge you to go take a look (you can click here), check out the playlist and tell me what you think.

I am sure if not anything, the scenes are sure to put a smile on your face. :)

It’s when our session for the month came to a conclusion that I realized how precious and magical the 120 minutes of our Saturday online acting classes are. We create wonders here, we begin from nothing and come out with something lovely. Each week is unique, each week is special. And each week, though we may feel that 120 minutes is just too short a duration for a class, we know somewhere in our hearts that this is just enough ;) It truly is just the perfect amount of preps before we unleash the dramatists within!

Go ahead, check out the videos and if you want to say hi, you are welcome to the Theatre Gym Saturday mornings!



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