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Any drama in your life?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Well, literally. I mean literally. Did this year have any drama for you?

There are stories from across the globe on how things have changed. Lives have changed. The way we perceive the world has changed. But, even amidst the challenges, there have been moments when we have been able to look up and look forward.

The world of online theatre is exactly that.

A reason for us to look up and look forward with a smile.

So, have you tried drama as yet?

Drama, as a form of art and a means to joy, peace and personal growth?

If the answer to my question is ambiguous, I would urge you to read on because the time to explore theatre is now!

I am talking about acting classes by Theatre Gym that have been on and thriving all through the trying times, teaching and empowering people from across the world.

Bringing out the element of Drama from within each of us is the secret recipe to conquer confusing times.

Trust me as I say that, seven seas apart from a different continent, a small city in the most populous country of India: These online acting classes have made it possible for me to cross over and meet, work and act with people from different backgrounds.

Truly, I am telling you, it’s a treat.

The world went through a dramatic shift. It’s not the same. It’s new. It’s unknown. It’s not the way we planned it to be. Sure, there was a turmoil of emotions but I am talking about channelling that very energy. I am talking about picking up something that troubles you and turning it around, with theatre classes and engagement.

Do you want to see the awesome side of yourself? The cooler, smarter, crazier version that only an acting class for adults can bring out. You have my word for this: I find my crazy in a drama class and that powers me up to fight the mundane challenges of daily life.

So here’s why you should absolutely start stalking the instagram account and website of Theatre Gym, to find out which mood or class suits you.

  • It is that safe space where you can be yourself.

  • It is the safe space, where you don’t have to be yourself ;)

  • Theatre is the means to go beyond our daily selves and become a little more.

With Theatre Gym, it’s been all the more special because sometimes, the people you meet come from across the world. And you do meet them even though the classes are online, because we work together and create magic. This is something you will have to experience on your own!

One class and you are certainly going to look up the website to see which other acting and theatre courses you can pick, even if you are a novice!

It’s fun, it’s warm, it’s welcoming.

What you can experience in a theatre class, is exactly what the world needs today. To be appreciated and to be accepted.

It seems so tough outside, but in an acting class, it’s easy. Everyone who is there, is there because they are willing to “experience”.

Theatre by all means is a rich experience that fills up our day with more vigour and energy. If you are still contemplating whether or not to look up acting and theatre courses, or classes in London online, I would prompt you to decide and book a class now. This is an investment you will cherish.

Like I said, the time to add that element of Drama into your life is now! Don’t wait . Plan your experience today.

  • Apsara Iyengar, India

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