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It's a scene!

Dear Notebook,

It’s a Scene!

That’s what we say when we complete our performance online. A term that we refer to so often, while watching a movie and recollecting a favourite moment from a web-series. But, it’s different in an acting class. Here, the use of the word “Scene” effectively means that we have completed what we had to showcase.

(Some background information:

I take part in Theatre Gym’s Online Acting Club. It’s an acting class for adults, beginners, but it’s also more than that. It’s like a lab where we create online pieces, rehearse them and perform them. So every month is like a short acting course and most of us stay for another month, and another, and another… :) )

When we finish performing, we say “Scene!”. Most often, this is a definitive cue for all of us watching to turn on the camera with smiles, applause and feedback; sometimes it’s a moment to stop, pause and reflect. I actually love this part! For various reasons to be honest! I love the fluid conversations, the insights and the co-building process. When we work on something, it’s often too close to us, for us to be able to view it differently. But when the other participants of the acting club share their insights, it literally takes us to another level of co-creation.

May I then share a secret? The first time I built something with the team, I absolutely had no idea what I was doing :D I had no idea what the story was, what my character would do or what my character really wanted! (I am talking about this performance, The Parachute Experience)

As soon as the first take was done, the first ever presentation in front of the group, everyone started asking questions! It was a soft-sweet nudge in the direction of something concrete. Now, I knew I was amongst a group of people who genuinely cared about this presentation. We rehearsed, and rehearsed and rehearsed! My co-actor, Sally, wrote down the script for all of us. So much hard-work. That made me rehearse again and shape the personality of my character. Eventually, we came up with a pretty amazing, humorous story that subtly highlights our need for validation from peers… eventually coming to a realization that the search truly begins and ends within!

The other pieces from the week are beautiful too, you can take a look at them on the Theatre Gym YouTube channel. (The channel is called ‘Acting Classes in London’ and you can find all the scenes in this playlist here)

For now, this is it! I’ll write back soon. Maybe next time, I'll share my thoughts on the idea of silence! ;)



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