Create something wonderful (we'll help)

Want to create a piece of work for stage? 

Make some TikTok videos of a short YouTube film?


The Solo Makers Club is a group of creative people who meet once a week to work on their solo pieces together.

Each week you will have a chance to show what you are working on, get feedback and ask for ideas.

The group is mentored by Tal Jakubowiczova, a professional theatre maker

Solo piece? Why work with a group?

Being a part of a group will give you a sense of commitment.

It will help you feel less alone on this journey. 

The group will also give you a very needed outside eye and share practical feedback and help with ideas and solutions.


Oh, it's also fun and people often make friends in our Theatre Gym groups :)

** You don’t need any acting experience to join the group **

** You don’t need to have a solo piece at work yet - We will help you start off.**

What you can create:

A theatre piece (you can develop that to a full show later on)

A TikTok video (or more than one)

A short solo film

A storytelling performance

Anything you want - the group is your oyster...

How it works:

We meet every Tuesday morning.

The first session of the month is for starting a new piece, if you wish and for feedback and advice from a mentor.

On the last Tuesday of every month, we will record all the pieces and upload them to our Theatre Gym channel. You will get a chance to invite people to watch you perform (online).

How it works (more details)

We meet every Tuesday at 10am (UK time) online,

for 2 hours of creating, performing, and thinking together.

Session #1 - Guided by Tal Jakubowiczova

This is the first session of each month.

We will start with some starting points and prompts and help you start your own beautiful piece.

You will get to share where you are on your journey and advice on how to carry on.


Sessions #2 - 4 - Independent group sessions

In the next few Tuesdays, the group will meet independently.

You will get to show your piece, get feedback and discuss your ideas with the group.

You will also have a WhatsApp group to make it easier for you to communicate and share your work in between the sessions.

Anything else?

Yes! At the end of every month, you will be able to share your work with an online audience if you wish and/ or have it recorded and upload it to a special YouTube playlist (on our Theatre Gym channel) to be shared with the world.

You can then send it to whomever you want and achieve fame!


£35 a month

(That is for all four sessions)

Payment is taken before the 1st of every month and the first session is on the first Tuesday of that month.

No commitment.

Cancel anytime before payment is made.

When can I start?

The group will launch on the 6th April and new members can join at the beginning or every month.

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