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The performer's voice

Rediscover and reclaim your voice

2-hour workshop, with Liliana Scuderi
London, 17th July 7pm - 9pm

Singing is almost as natural for us as breathing. Babies sing before they learn how to speak.

But as we grow up, using our voice becomes harder and scarier, and most of us use it only for practical reasons. 

We don’t dare to sing. 

We don’t dare to use our voices when it matters.

We don’t enjoy our voice for what it is -

a part of us and an expression of our soul.


This 2-hour workshop is a fun way to rediscover and reclaim your voice.

Join this workshop if you want to:


  • be confident when speaking or singing in front of people

  • be heard and understood

  • make a difference

Join this workshop if you want to enjoy your voice

Your teacher: Liliana Scuderi

Liliana Eva Scuderi.jpg

Hi, I’m Liliana :)

I studied traditional theatre in Italy, where an actor is considered first of all a “strong and expressive voice”.

As an actor and a performer, I love exploring the body-voice connection.

After my formal training, I carried on developing in this area focusing on my own skill and teaching others. (I even did a yoga teacher diploma, focusing on voice yoga)


I taught young actors and professionals how to use their voice for singing and for speech and would love to show you how you can connect, through your body, to your voice so you can use it with confidence too.

In this workshop, we will use our bodies & imagination.

We will work with stories, monologues and, of course, songs. 

We will play, give new colour and taste to our words.

We will dare to perform, and even make new friends.


You don’t need any singing or performance experience.

You don’t need a “good voice” or to know how to sing.

Book performer's voice

Book now £25

July 17th, 7pm - 9pm

107 Leadenhall St,

London EC3A 4AF

If you have any questions - please email

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