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Voice Acting Foundation

5-module video course

Do you want to ...

Find out if voice acting could be your path?

Learn about ways to get into the voice acting industry?

Increase your chance to getting a voice agent?


Express yourself through your voice

Have more energy and vocal variety

Tell stories better

Become a better presenter

Play different characters

Make your role-play games so much more fun

Become more confident using your voice

We made voice acting accessible
So you can:

How it works

Learn voice acting from home

Take a full voice acting course, complete with scripts and exercises from anywhere, anytime (and you can wear whatever you want)

Video lessons

The course is divided into 5 modules.

Each module has a few videos so you will have Jen explaining everything to you very clearly.

You can pause or rewatch whenever you need to. 

Your teacher: Jennifer Bradley

Screenshot (1263)_edited.jpg

Jen has worked in the industry for over 15 years as an actor and a voice actor.
She has worked across the voice industry.
Here’s a bit of what she’s done:
Commercials (the voice brand of Dove, Hive, Philips, Google, and more.)
Video Games (Eve: Valkyrie, Secrets Of The Dragon Wheel)
Animation (Big Bear & Squeak, Icebreaker Snow, and Snore). 
She's also lent her voice to explainers, meditation spots, walla work, IVR, and ADR

Jen has a lot of experience working with people to improve their voice-acting skills.

What's in the course

Top teacher

Jen Bradley is a professional voice actor with a lot of experience acting and teaching the art of voice acting.

You're in good hands!

Peep into a live course (recording).

There's nothing like an actual real example of someone who's taking the same journey.

They'll make mistakes and get notes that will be relevant to you too.

Real scripts

We'll share scripts with you from real productions.

Each module will have its own relevant scripts you can practice with.

Answers to your questions

You can post your answers on the course website and we will reply.

* This is limited to five weeks.

The Five Modules



Intro to voice acting

The world of voice acting

Voice acting agencies and work etiquette




Equipment & software you need


Voice maintenance & warm-ups

General read tips and tricks


Screenshot (1627).png


The types of commercials

Exercises and reads



Video games


Practice reads with real scripts




Audiobook types & focuses

How to read different characters


Practice reads with book extracts




Animation types & focuses



Acting and passion


Practice reads with real scripts​​

How much

The live course

£148 (about 185$)

The video course

£74 (about 90$)


Be a part of our Voice Acting Community

Get to participate live in workshops and Q&A sessions.
and watch recordings of our past events like:

Q&A webinar: Working as a voice actor

A webinar recording all about the voice acting industry:

Agents and how to get work,


Equipment and set-up,

Software and editing

and more.

Book now

  • Vidoe course with Jen Bradley (access 24/7)

  • 5 Modules, with scripts and exercises

  • 5 weeks of Answers to all your questions

  • Join our voice acting community

£74 only

( About 95$ )

VA workshop offer
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