Welcome to Theatre Gym online course

Hi, I'm Tal Jakubowiczova

and I've created this course so you can get more freedom and confidence on stage and in life.

In this course you will learn how to:

- Use your body freely and confidently

- Be interesting on stage

- Create unique characters

It's suitable to all levels from complete beginners.

What you'll need

* A quiet room, ideally big enough to move around.

* A few free minutes

  (you can check the length of each video)

* Make sure you are listening to your body

  and not doing anything extreme.

* Bring your spirit of exploration

  and be open to learn something new.

How it works

* Start from the warm up.

* You can do all of the videos in one go (51min)

* Or you can also do one exercise at a time

* Don't watch the videos but be active and do them

* let me know if you have any questions
  & email me if you liked it, I'd love that!


1. Preparing Your Body (4.30min)

This is a gentle warm up, which will prepare you physically and mentally to start working.

2. Exploring Movement (9.30min)

Your physicality is unique.

Explore the unique way your body moves

and enhance your physical vocabulary.

This exercise is great to do from time to time,

even (and especially) if your physical vocabulary is already quite big.

3. Creating Characters ( 21min)

Create a few different characters starting from your own unique physicality.

No two performers are the same

and no two characters should be the same.

Try it.

4. Explore characters using text  (10min)

Let's play with characters and text. You'll need a piece of text you know by heart.

Any text - even a nursery rhyme.

It's a really great exercise to do with a monologue you are working on, to bring new life into it and make it playful.

(Bonus video)

A short and simple way to get instant characters.

The characters you will build in this exercise are great for a sketch or for jokes in the pub or as a base to carry on exploring with video 3.

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