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Acting for Video Games

Use voice, body and imagination

4-week online course

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Have you ever played a video game and wished you were actually inside it?

Being a magnificent monster, an oddly cute creature, or a wise old witch.

Running through the wild landscape, being free, getting into epic fights with skillfully crafted weapons, magical spells, or just your bare hands.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a video game voice actor?

Using your voice and body to complete the animation and bring all this to life.

Is it time to start your journey into the wonderful world of video games?

Watch this introductory workshop

In this course, you will: 

  • Learn from an experienced video games actor

  • Understand the different types of games, characters, and worlds

  • Find out what your own voice sounds like to others and what characters you'd best be fitted to play

  • Learn how to read a written brief to create great characters

  • Scream, cackle, and pretend to die in lots of different ways (all strictly professional)

  • Learn how motion capture works

  • Practice using your body and imagination to create movement for different characters

  • Work with real scripts from real productions, playing with different worlds and scenarios

  • Meet great people and have so much fun

Your teacher: Shaun Mendum

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Hi, I’m Shaun. 

Shaun has worked as an actor, performer, and Voice Actor for years. He started his journey (ironically) as a ballet dancer!

His work includes Video Games, animation, audiobooks, audio drama, documentaries, and more…

He has given talks about getting started in voice acting at Comic Con London and EGX London.

Shaun is a producer for audio and is currently creating a six-part audio series, so has experience many different aspects of the VoiceOver world.

Shaun is patient, generous, honest, and will create a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment.

Who this is for

This course is great for complete beginners as well as actors who want to go into the video games industry.

It's also wonderful for D&D and other RPG enthusiasts as you'll get to play with character voices, movement and building worlds.

  • No acting or voice acting experience is needed

  • You don't need any special equipment

  • You don't need to be a native English speaker

What's included

4 Zoom lessons


Learn from an exprest, create characters, read scripts, learn mocap.
Optional homework.

Lesson recordings

The recordings will be available to watch until the end of the course.

(password protected)

Students WhatsApp group


Join a student WhatsApp group to share your tasks and get support and inpiration.

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When you join this course, you'll also be added to our voice-acting community.

This means you'll get access to free workshops and Q&A events that we run for our community members only.

Welcome to the team!  :)

VG booking course

(about 244$)

Only £188

14th June - 5th July
4pm-6pm UK time
11am - 1pm  EST
8am - 10am PST
10th - 31st July 10th
7pm-9pm UK time
2pm - 4pm  EST
11am - 1pm PST

* To allow the teacher to provide you with close attention and personal feedback, we limit the group size to ten students. 

* Book now to save your spot now.

If you have any questions - please email

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