You've finished a Theatre Gym course

What now?

Stay in the Theatre Gym family
here are a few ways in which you can carry on playing and growing.

Take the other course:

Be in a Play


Get to be a part of a show.

Plan, prepare rehearse and perform.

If you've taken this course before please notice that the course will be significantly different to the one you took (even though it still has the same name)

and also, as you know, every class is different due to different people, and different you so it's always worth exploring more and understanding more of the same aspects of your acting.


Here's another option for you: Join a Play.

In September you can also join our Saturday groupwhich is working towards a play and perform it on stage.

It is a more demanding course then the Monday/ Thursday ones but the growth and rewarding feeling is also bigger.

You can check all the details here:

Very important:

Prices for all the different courses are going up this next term.

If you want to join any of the Sep courses for the old price please book them before the 9th July (this Monday)

You are more than welcome to also join us for our

Fringe Club.

Next show we are going to watch is  "The White Rose" on the 3rd Aug


Let me know if you want to join and I'll give you more details.