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What people say about our online classes

It was my first time in an acting class and I was scared. But because it was on screen it was freeing. You don’t feel that everybody is watching you and you feel freer. Talking to a screen is not as scary as talking to an audience.

This is really awesome. I felt like I got out of the house. 

Before this class, I didn’t know what to expect at all. I was thinking - “What? Are we going to be making scenes? On zoom? How is that gonna work?”
But just going for it and watching it coming together I think it worked really well. 


I loved it. I wasn’t even mentally ready. Now I’m energised and in a totally different mood. s




Who runs Theatre Gym?


I’m Tal Jakubowiczova, the artistic director of Hide and Seek Theatre company and the founder of Theatre Gym.I have trained as a professional actress and still perform my own work alongside directing and teaching theatre.

Try Theatre Gym!


Join us for a 2 hour big fun, high energy workshop - dedicated to keeping your creative instincts in shape, boosting your energy and learning/practicing professional performance skills. It's a lot of fun.

Every week we have a new theme to play with which explores a different aspect of creative acting.

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“Amazingly liberating.” 

—  Orsi, Student

Who is Theatre Gym For?


• Creatives who want to keep creative

• People who want to learn performance skills

• Performers who want to be audition ready

• People who want to connect & make friends

What will Theatre Gym do for me?


• Keep you in performance shape

• Keep your body working

• Keep your creative brain thinking

• Keep your mind and heart happy and positive  -   Acting classes for Adults in London   -   075 03816206

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