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Mentoring group

Get into voice acting with Jennifer Bradley

You’ve taken voice acting courses, you have a voice reel and a new mic.
It’s your time to get into the scene but you still need some support on the way.

You might still have questions and you can definitely use someone to tell you what to focus on and keep you in check.


We all need support, especially when we start something new.

Do you wish you had a mentor to help you create a plan?

Would you like some friends to help you stick to that plan?

Are you dreaming of a group that’s supportive and also keeps you working in the right direction?


We created that group for you.

This is a 4-month journey that is designed to keep you on the right track to working as a voice actor.

You will get help and support as you are starting your journey in this industry.

Helped by a personalized plan, you will get support with approaching agents, finding your own work, preparing for auditions, and more.

You’ll also get the support you need to keep going and not give up on this dream.

The world needs your special voice.

Your mentor: Jennifer Bradley


Jen is an experienced voiceover artist who’s done almost every genre and sub-genre of voice acting. She is UK-based but works mainly in the US as a voice actor so is very familiar with and can help you navigate both markets.
She is very supportive and creates a wonderful group atmosphere in her sessions that gets the best out of everyone.

How it works

This is a 4-month journey which we think is enough time to give you a good start and put you in the right direction. 

You will join a small group of up to 10 people and meet online weekly to get advice, support, and accountability.

In the duration of four months, you will attend:

8 group sessions with Jen:

  • Creating and creating and working on your personal plan, 

  • Practicing relevant scripts, 

  • Learning about agents, how to get work, auditions, voice reels and more

  • Getting answers to your varied voice acting questions.

8 group accountability meetings (without Jen) where you can:

  • Discuss your progress

  • Ask questions and receive advice from your fellow students

  • Practice scripts together

  • Support your friends on their journey


Four month journey

15th January - 29th April

Meetings are on Mondays

7pm - 9pm UK time

2pm - 4pm EST

11am - 1pm PST

15th Jan ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

22nd Jan  👥👥 Group accountability meeting

29th Jan ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

5th Feb 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

12th Feb ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

19th Feb 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

26th Feb ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

4th Mar 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

11th Mar ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

18th Mar 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

25th Mar ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

1st Apr 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

8th Apr 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

15th Apr ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

22nd Apr 👥👥 Group accountability meeting

29th Apr ✏️ Mentoring session with Jen

What's included

8 Mentoring session


Get to use Jen's experience to get you untruck and going in the right direction to start your own voice acting career.

Professional support


Guidance, advice & answers to your questions from voice actor Jennifer Bradley.

8 accountabily sessions


Join a student WhatsApp group where you can share reads, ask questions and talk about your journey with others.

Peer support


Your group will provide support and accountability via accountability meetings and your WhatsApp group

Personal plan

Create your individual plan with Jen's advice and stick to it with the groups support.

Meeting Recordings


Mentoring sessions are uploaded to the course website so you can watch them again and again.

MG booking


Four-month course

8 mentoring sessions &
8 accountability sessions

Full price £333
or 3 x £111

Launch price £291
or 3 x £97
*until 22nd December
We would like to make sure this group is effective for everyone so, unlike in all of our other courses, we ask you to fill in an application form to make sure the group is a right fit for all its members.

* To allow the teacher to provide you with close attention and personal feedback, we limit the group size. 

* It is common for our courses to sell out so make sure you save your spot now.

If you have any questions - please email

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