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Create a Voice Reel

a practical course
with Jennifer Bradley

You've done a voice acting course and want to have a go at getting professional gigs.
You're excited and ready to go.
You've done some scripts. You know your commercials from your video games.
Now you need the industry to pay attention to you.

The one big thing you are missing now is a voice reel.

Screenshot (1796).png

To get a voice acting job, the one thing you actually need is a (good) voice reel.

No one will ask where you studied or how long you've been voice acting.

You don't need to belong to a union or be registered as a voice actor anywhere.

You don't even need experience.

People who look for voice actors will listen to your voice reel and decide if they want to give you a chance judging by what they hear.

To get into voice acting you need a voice reel.

Get a professional voice-reel
Start booking work

In this course, you'll discover how you can create a voice reel on your own, from home or in a recording studio.

You will get:

  • Matched with the scripts that are best for you (and the work you want to book).

  • Guidance on how to find, book and work with a recording studio.

  • Professional feedback on *how* to read your scripts in a way that will show skill and variety.

  • Support from the group and teacher throughout the course with everything you need in order to have a professional voice reel at the end of it.


How it will work:

  • In (or before) the first session, Jen will listen to your voice and your voice acting ambitions

  • She'll help you find scripts that suit your voice and goals (or create new scripts for you)

  • You will then practice and get Jen's professional feedback on your readings, so you can book those future jobs.

  • During that time, you will also work on either setting up and recording in your own home studio or contacting a professional recording studio and booking a session.

  • You will get Jen's guidance and support on both of the above.

  • During the 4-weeks and before your actual recording session you will be encouraged to record at home and share your recording with the course's WhatsApp group to get feedback and peer support.

  • You will then have a week off to professionally record your reel.

  • In week 6 (the 5th session), you will come together again to play your finished reels, get feedback and discuss a plan for your next steps.


This course is designed for students who already took a voice acting course with us.

If you haven’t but still want to take this course please get in touch with Tal.

Email or call 07722654807

Your teacher: Jennifer Bradley


Jen is an experienced voiceover artist and has done almost every genre and sub-genre of voice acting.
She teaches voice acting for our beginners and advanced students.

Jen has extensive experience with homemade and professional recording studios.

She'll guide you through finding scripts, choosing your setting, and recording and editing your reels.

She'll even have suggestions on what to do next.

It is a very practical course and you will get to work and get 1:1 feedback and guidance.

For this reason, numbers will be limited and you’re encouraged to register soon to secure your place.

The sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course website.

So, although we encourage you to attend the sessions live, it's ok if you miss a session and you can always catch up with the recording.

VA booking corse

Next course
6th Nov - 11th Dec 2023

This is a 5-session course, spread over 6 weeks
All sessions are on Mondays
7pm-9pm, UK time, 2pm-4pm, EST


week 1 - 4 - preparing
We will work on preparing your scripts, reading and setting (home/ studio).
week 5 - no session.
This is your time to record and finalise the reel.

week 6 - a review session
We'll listen to your new reel and help you plan what's next.

* All live sessions are recorded so you can re-watch if you miss any.

What's included

4 Live Zoom Lessons


Work on your scripts and the technicalities of recordinga nd editing your reel.


Peer Support


Join a student WhatsApp group where you can share your reads and get (and give) feedback and support.



Get scripts that wil show the best of your unique voice and help you get the jobs you want to get.

Lesson Recordings


Live lessons are uploaded to the course website so you can watch them again and again.

Personal Feedback


Get professional feedback on your work and guidance from voice actor Jennifer Bradley.

Review session


Show off your finished reel and get feedback and suggestions on what to do next.


This course is now full
Fill in this form and ask to join the waiting list
6th Nov - 11th Dec

7pm-9pm, UK time
2pm-4pm, EST

* To allow the teacher to provide you with close attention and personal feedback, we limit the group size. 

* Last courses were all sold out so make sure you save your spot now.

If you have any questions - please email

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