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Have fun talking to the world – that’s all a monologue is.
Learn how to read, make sense of, and perform written monologues.
Bella will help you discover and focus on your own strengths on your way to be the best performer you can.

Discover monologues from the Spanish Golden Age.
Learn how to interpret their poetic language and perform them in a believable and fun way.
Amanda, one of our most favourite teachers picks a few of her favourite plays, written in her mother tongue, Spanish and translated into English.
Put your hands (and soul) onto some classic Spanish roles. Olé!

How do you bring real-life details into every role on screen?
In this practical class, Lucy will share her personal techniques with you and give you a chance to try and get feedback.

Lucy is an experienced actress with credits like: Game of Thrones, BBC’s Tracey Ullman Show, Our Girl and more.

In this class, you will:
Trick your many thoughts into silence.
Experience what it means to not be “polite” on stage.
Follow your instincts and create interesting characters, moments and situations. Surprise your audience and even yourself.

Come out of your comfort zone in a safe space and discover new things about yourself.

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