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Acting with Script

How to read and perform a script?
In this class you’ll get to work with scenes from some great modern plays and experience working with a partner, reading, understanding and performing together.

Emily is an encouraging and supportive teacher, who’s focussed on creating a positive environment for students to get to explore and play within.

Improvisation and Storytelling

This playful workshop is perfect for building your confidence and your imagination within a supportive and fun atmosphere.
Using a range of drama games, you will learn the basic techniques of improvisation and creating stories on the spot. No experience of acting, comedy or improv required!

Performing Poetry

Rediscover poetry as a live art.
In this class, we will play, analyse and perform poems to better understand and appreciate them in a fun and relaxed environment.
Amanda is an actress, a writer, a teacher and passionate about all things language.

Masks and physical Storytelling

Masks have the magical ability to free the person wearing them.
Inspired by the different types of Commedia dell'Arte characters you will discover how to transform your body and voice to create your own brilliant characters.

You don’t need to have a mask!

Exploring Stanislavsky

Get to know Stanislavsky’s system in a fun way.
The “father of realistic acting” has developed a system that we use in theatres and films all around the world for over 100 years.
We will explore many of his rehearsal techniques and then apply them to some exciting modern texts.

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