Voice Acting Foundation

A 4-week course
Online via Zoom
Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm, UK time
10th - 31st August 2022

So, you recently got interested in voice acting.

Maybe because it’s a great way to use your acting skills from home.
Maybe because it’s an enjoyable way to make money,
Or maybe just ‘cause it sounds fun.

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But Voice acting skills are not just for voice actors.

Being able to control our voice and deliver a message and an intention with it will help you in any kind of public speaking, acting, storytelling and even just talking to people. 

Our voice is a tool we use in so many situations and being able to control it can benefit not only your acting career but also your everyday life. And yes, you can also make some money by doing something fun from home :)

In this 4-week foundation course, you will discover the world of voice acting and get to practice and grow with professional instructions and notes from voice actress Jennifer Bradley.


We will explore animation, recording audiobooks, commercials and video games.

As well as talk about the technicalities of setting up your own studio at home, getting work and any other questions you might have.

Oh, and we will have so much fun!  :)

Your teacher: Jennifer Bradley

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Jen has worked as an actor and a voiceover artist for many years.

She’s done Commercials, Video Games, Animation, explainers, meditation spots, and more... 

Jen co-hosts the podcast Actor & Agent and loves everything voiceover.

She is extremely patient and giving to her students and will create a fun and supportive environment.

It is a very practical course and you will get to work and get 1:1 feedback.

For this reason, numbers will be limited and you’re encouraged to register soon to secure your place.


You don’t need any previous acting or voice acting experience to take this workshop.

You don’t need to be a native English speaker to take the workshop.

If you have any questions, please email talgig@gmail.com

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Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm, UK time
10th - 31st August  2022

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