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Make your dream come true

You want to be an actor.

You’ve gone to college or took some acting courses but in order to bring your skills to the next level, you need someone to focus on you only, see your unique strengths and build on them. 

Tal Jakubowiczova

Hi, I’m Tal and I can be your personal coach and teacher for your acting journey.

I have trained as an actor in Israel (where I’m from) and was a member of a couple of theatre companies before moving to London in 2006.

When I moved to London I started creating my own work for stage.

In some of my work, I was the performer and in some, I was directing and coaching the actors.

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I’ve been teaching and working with adults for the last eight years (professional performers as well as complete beginners) and love seeing ideas coming to life and people find their strengths and talents and build on them.


I would love to work with you, helping you achieve your dreams and help you become the best actor you can be.

Do you want to ask something about your acting journey?

I can suggest a plan for you and might already have some tips for you to start off with.

I can help you if:


  • You want to become a better actor and are willing to put some work in.

  • You have some acting experience with a group

  • You know you have it in you and you want to give it a good go.

  • You want to get into acting school

  • You need to be ready for an audition

  • You need to do a self-tape and not sure where to start.

  • You got a role in a play/ film and you want to get ready.

I can help even if:

  • You don’t have official acting experience (an acting course with a group is good enough to start)

  • You don’t want to become a working actor, you just want to develop your acting skills.

  • English isn't your first language.

inquire 1 2 1

Let’s talk before you make up your mind.

Tell me where you are and what you need so I can try and find the perfect solution/ programme for you.

I might even have some tips and advice in my reply.

After the chat, you can decide whether I’m the right person to help you bring your dream to life.


Prices are based on £70 an hour for a zoom session.

In-person sessions are possible and pricing will be different.

You might need a single 2-hour session or maybe a weekly 1-hour session for a few weeks or months. You might need something completely different.

Let's find the best path for you to achieve your dream.

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