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Screen Acting Course

8-week Zoom course

19/01/22 - 9/03/22
6.30-8.30pm, UK time

How do you bring real-life details into every role on screen? 

In this practical course, Lucy will share her personal techniques with you to practice, explore and develop yourself as a screen performer.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to stop looking like you’re acting

  • What it means to work on a character (and how to do it)

  • How to really work on a role (and how to learn lines)

  • How to move on screen

  • How to act in a self-tape

  • How to create your own film

  • And more...

Lucy directing.jpg

This is a practical acting course as well as a place where you will learn about yourself and the unique aspects of your personality, physicality and what comes across when you act on screen.

You will get to try and act out different scenes with different partners and get professional feedback from the teacher every session.


This course is designed for beginners and you don’t need any specific acting experience.

Lucy is a very supportive teacher who aims to move you forward and increase your screen confidence and abilities.


This course is great for you if you are looking to increase your screen skills and confidence for film acting, YouTube and social media videos, online presentations and other types of acting or performance.

It is also great as a tool for self-exploration and playful time with like-minded creative people.

"A great class that taught me a lot about screen acting.

I gained a better understanding of what it takes to act in each of the genres we covered.

Lucy was great at giving constructive feedback and introducing us to acting on screen.

I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again."


"I really enjoyed the course, Lucy's an amazing teacher and very supportive and encouraging.

I learnt loads".


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the course with Lucy.
She has a way of making me feel good about where I am with acting while teaching me new things all the time.

I also enjoyed the informal setting. It always feels like a safe space to explore


"There were a few times when I didn't feel too well and thought that it would be better to skip the class.

But there was always something that stopped me from doing that, can't tell what.

And man I'm so happy I didn't skip.

Every time after the class, I felt a hundred times better."


Your teacher: Lucy Aarden

Lucy Aarden - smile.PNG

Recently listed as one of IMDb’s top 500 actresses in the world after starring in multiple episodes of BBC Comedy’s Tracey Ullman’s Show, HBO's Game of Thrones and Prime's hit thriller Hanna, Lucy is a highly experienced TV, film and theatre actress.

At the established comedy venue The Pleasance Theatre, Lucy was nominated for best supporting actress in the all-female version of Laura Wade’s infamous Posh and she now runs her own online professional actor's coaching business.
She coaches 1-1 and runs classes and workshops where she helps actors prepare for their next big audition as well as helping them to hone their craft and ensure they find joy in performing whilst giving their absolute best.



(2021 price)

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