Play and connect with people

Every Tuesday 7pm-8pm, UK time

Pay What You Can

Your contribution is very much appreciated and helps us carry on running the session.

We meet every Tuesday for an hour of play, being silly, meeting new people, laughing and feeling like you've left the house for a bit.

It's true that we can’t physically meet now.

But we can still connect!

We can still play!

We can still create and have a laugh!

And we don't even have to live in the same city :)


The session is open to all levels.

You don't need to have any acting experience or know anything about theatre.

All you need is to be open to play and connect with others.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email and your unique access link.

Please forward this to whoever needs a play session in their life right now.

Stay home and let's play

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