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Let's make it come true

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Create a show

You want to say something. And it needs to come through performance.

My years of creating for stage at your service. 

From figuring out what you want to say, through mindset and all the way to technical detail.

I’ll be with you.

Let’s bring your story to life.


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Perfect your skills

You want to get auditions, a space in acting school, or just generally be a better actor.

For this, you need to sharpen your acting skills.

Book a session with me and have my full attention and become the best actor you can be.

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Acting for business

(You didn’t sign up for this but...) you need to be on video/ stage.

This is easier than you think. 

I can teach you tricks and tools to make this enjoyable (I said it!)


You’ve got this.

I’ve got you. 


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Let's have a chat.

You can ask me anything.

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