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Act Natural

Let nature be your stage
6-week course

Develop your acting skills & perform in an inspiring woodland setting 

Work outdoors in a beautiful nature reserve in London.

Create characters and stories inspired by the woods.

Rehearse and perform in unusual spots.

Warning: This course might make you calmer, happier and more connected to nature and people. Book at your own risk.


Join this course to:

  • Develop your acting skills

  • Come out of your comfort zone in a supportive environment

  • Gain new confidence.

  • Make new friends.

  • Connect with nature in a new way

  • Do something different on Sundays

This course is for you if:

  • You want more creativity and playfulness in your life

  • You love challenging yourself and learning new skills

  • You love being in  nature

  • You want to become more confident on stage

  • You are looking for new adventures

  • You decided it’s time for you to go on stage

  • You love working, creating and playing with others


About the course:

This is a 6-week course leading to a performance as a part of The Great Big Green Week in Lewisham.

It is led by professional actor and director Tal Jakubowiczova.


We will meet every Sunday to play, create and rehearse together.

You’ll get to work with a group of other creative adults in a supportive and non-judgmental environment to develop your acting skills and creativity and to have a great time with great people in a great place in nature.

Backthorne Cuttings Nature Reserve

This is where the course will take place

Things you'll learn:

  • How to develop a character (realistic or fantastical) 

  • How to tell a story

  • How to perform on stage 

  • How to perform in a natural environment

  • How to communicate with audience 

  • Create your site specific show

What you're getting:

  • 6 sessions of professional acting training from actor/director Tal Jakubowiczova (over 20 hours)

  • Being a part of a performance

  • Supportive group 

  • Inviting audience to watch you (as many as you want, free entrance)

  • Working in an inspiring woodland area every Sunday for 6 weeks

  • Making friends

  • Images and a video recording of your performance


August 21st - September 25th, 2022


All Sundays, 11am-3pm

* If you can't make all the sessions, including the performance date but want to do the course please let me know. This should be fine and we can find a solution.


Buckthorne Cutting Nature Reserve,

Buckthorne Bridge, SE4 2DB

Transport links:

5 min walk from Crofton Park train station,

10min walk from Honor Oak Park station,

10min walk from Brockley Station.

A few bus links are also available.

Book now

Sundays , 11am-3pm
21st August - 25th September  2022

Price £330

What you're getting:

6 sessions,

Working in a beautiful nature reserve,
performance with an audience,
invite as many audience members as you wish,
recording of the performance for you to keep.
Possible extra sessions for catch-up in Early Sept for anyone who wants it.

Early Bird price: until 12th August £274

Book now


Few places left

Two installments

2 x £165

Few places left

Book workshops only

You can take any or all of the first three sessions without signing up for the full course.

In the first three sessions we’ll explore:

  • Creating different characters

  • Working with your body

  • Interaction with partners 

  • Being an engaging storyteller

  • Building performance in nature

Price for workshops
One session is £70 
All three sessions are £197 

Booking one workshop is also a way to see if you would like to carry on and do the performance.

What you pay for the workshop will be deducted from the course price. 

and if you book a workshop for an early bird price the course price will still be an Early Bird price for you when you decide to carry on.

Book one workshop


Book three workshops


AN booking
  • We're gonna be outside. What if it rains?
    Great question. There is a shelter in the reserve in case we get rain or really extreme sun. But if you prefer to get wet we’re open to that too :)
  • I'm not sure I can make it yet, but don't want to miss out. Can you help?
    Take your time to make up your mind. But if you think you want to do it and want to make sure you get a space - drop me an email ( and let me know that you’re interested. I will warn you when the course is about to fill up so you have a chance to go in before it’s too late. Deal?
  • I can only do the sessions in Sept
    This is fine. You can join us when you can and there will be “catch up” sessions for you if you feel you need them. Email me for more details
  • Will I need to remember lines?
    No. Unlike other performances, this isn’t a scripted play. The performance will be more like a storytelling session so you’ll need to know the story you’re telling and it’s going to be more about choosing/ creating your story and then building a great character to tell the story and interact with the audience as.
  • I can only do the sessions in Aug
    The first three sessions can be booked as a course on its own (with no performance at the end). You can book just one of them, two, or all three. Email me for more details and the booking link.
  • My English isn’t great. Will I be ok?
    This is absolutely fine! Many Theatre Gym students speak English as their second language. The performance isn’t pre-scripted and a lot of the work is about how you use your body and voice. The character will be built by you around who you are so they can even speak a different language altogether, why not?
  • What if I need to miss a session?
    Although it’ll be great if you can make all of the sessions, it’s not really a problem if you miss one or more of them. And because this is the most common question, I might add a catch-up session in the middle for everyone who misses a session just so you can have a bit more practice. As long as you can make three of the six sessions you’ll be fine. Drop me an email if you're not sure
  • Can I join the course but not perform?
    If you don’t want to actually perform (or can’t make the date) but you still want to join the experience that’s fine :) Let me know so we don’t team you up with someone who’ll count on your to perform with them and you can still do all the training, learn how to build characters, work with your body, tell stories and perform and of course, spend time in nature with a great group of people :)
  • I have no acting experience
    Great. This course is designed for complete beginners. We’ll go from the very basics of performance and building characters and we’ll practice so much you’ll be able to do it and have loads of FUUUUN in the process.

Did you have another question?
Just want to get in touch?

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